Dear Margaret and Bob, 
I just can't thank you enough. I am heading to the post office tomorrow to pick up                             the registered   mail that was sent on top of the other donations!! Your letter was so                   touching and I shared it with   the staff at school. It made us all cry. There are a lot                              of relieved children right now because of you. I wanted to share the video link below                       that our students and staff made. 

You just click on, on demand video tab in the middle of the site, then click the arrow                            to choose a video. Pick the one with the big hurricane and watch. You will really be                        touched by the words and the images. One can only imagine what people go through                        when a crisis hits, now I know. But I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.                     This disaster has created a community    that is now closer than ever, where neighbors                      and people from around the world stop to help each other. Human kindness seen like                     never before. That to me is amazing! It puts the being in human. 

Have a blessed holiday season. 

With all my love from me, my staff, and students., 

Kira Wilkens